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Digitisation of the 1518 Sarum Hymnal ‘Radcliffe B97’

The month of May brought a 'first' to Special Collections; *DIGITISATION* has come to The Sheppard-Worlock Library. It was more of a toe dipping exercise than a full submerge, nevertheless, an encouraging start to an area of collection preservation and accessibility that has, until now, been relatively unexplored. The Project The Sarum Hymnal in Manuscript and... Continue Reading →


The Lois Louden Collection: a significant Education Resource new to Special Collections

Special Collections has been fortunate to receive a significant collection of education research material donated by the Culham St. Gabriel's Trust. The collection belonged to Dr. Lois Louden, a prominent figure in Education and Church Schools in the North West. The Culham St. Gabriel Trust also provided funding to enable the appointment of an Archivist,... Continue Reading →

Firstly, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Conor Bolland, I'm 24 years old and a recent graduate from Liverpool Hope University, the Class of 2016 in History and Politics. I was delighted to receive an email notifying me of the Liverpool Hope University Internship Programme 2017 open to Hope’s most recent graduates... Continue Reading →

Nugent – 135 years of care

The Sheppard-Worlock Library's Archives & Special Collections have been working in partnership with the charitable organisation, Nugent, and Liverpool Record Office at Central Library to mark Nugent's 135th anniversary by showcasing material from the archives held at Liverpool Hope University, Central Library and Nugent to highlight the work begun by Father Nugent in the nineteenth century... Continue Reading →

Shakespeare 400

To commemorate 400 years since William Shakespeare's death, Dr. Louise Wilson, Lecturer in Medieval and Early Modern Literature, has been delving into the treasures of Special Collections to share with you some of the books we hold here at Liverpool Hope University that Shakespeare would have been very familiar with. Abraham Ortelius. Theatrum orbis terrarum (Theatre... Continue Reading →

Unusual provenance discovery in Special Collections

Cataloguing books may be perceived, by those unable to appreciate the cathartic pleasure to be gained from logical ordering and close attention to detail, as being quite boring. I admit, it can be monotonous but just occasionally something may happen to alleviate the boredom. Keith Trickey, one of our temporary cataloguers in Special Collections, made an... Continue Reading →

The Breeches Bible

In September 2015, The Sheppard-Worlock Library’s Special Collections received, on long-term loan, a Geneva or ‘Breeches’ Bible belonging to St. Bridget’s in West Kirby. It is a 1582 reprint by Christopher Barker of the 1577 edition. The ‘Breeches’ Bible is so-called after the use of the word in the translation of Genesis 3:7 in the... Continue Reading →

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