Digitisation of the 1518 Sarum Hymnal ‘Radcliffe B97’

The month of May brought a 'first' to Special Collections; *DIGITISATION* has come to The Sheppard-Worlock Library. It was more of a toe dipping exercise than a full submerge, nevertheless, an encouraging start to an area of collection preservation and accessibility that has, until now, been relatively unexplored. The Project The Sarum Hymnal in Manuscript and... Continue Reading →


A new discovery in Special Collections

This book, printed in 1524, was once owned by Henry Fitzalan, 19th Earl of Arundel (1512 – 1580), an English nobleman, who over his long life assumed a prominent place at the court of all the later Tudor sovereigns, possibly the only person to do so. After his death in 1609 his library was purchased... Continue Reading →

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