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The intention and purpose of The Sheppard-Worlock Library’s Archives & Special Collections is to collect, care for and make accessible archives, manuscripts, rare books and other unique and distinctive materials for the core function of supporting the work of the University in all its aspects and also provide a valuable resource for the wider scholarly community. Moreover, many of these collections represent a resource held in trust for the benefit of present and future generations.

Special Collections is a key resource in the scholarship activities of the University with an essential role in supporting the research and teaching activities of both Hope staff and students, and external researchers, in line with the University’s strategic and academic goals. The development and management of our collections is a key element in the provision of resources to support research activities. ‘Developing and exploiting collections’ and ‘To advance support and facilities for researchers’ are two of six key themes in the Library Development Plan 2015-2020.

Special Collections aims to:

  • Seek to acquire, preserve and make accessible special collections that support the research and teaching activities of LHU staff and students, and external researchers for the benefit of scholarship
  • Ensure that the collections develop and evolve to reflect the research activities and centres
  • Create suitable environments to house these collections especially those that may be rare, fragile or valuable
  • Exploit the range of formats that materials may be available in and provide appropriate equipment and support
  • Exploit technology to promote and improve access to and discoverability of the library collections
  • Ensure that best value for money is achieved from the University’s investment in Special Collections including preservation and use in teaching

For further information and instructions on how to access material please visit our webpages:


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